Cemetery Rules

  • All cemeteries open at sunrise and close at sunset.

  • No planting of flowers or shrubs is permitted.

  • All winter decorations must be removed by March 15. Summer decorations allowed after March 15 and to be removed by October 15, then winter decorations allowed.

  • Tree planting permitted with approval of a Riley Township employee.

  • All work on cemetery property is to be done by Township employees or approved representative.

  • Township employee must approve of head stone and it's placement.

  • All graves require approved marking within one year of burial.

  • Marker size shall not exceed lot size.

  • One adult vault allowed per lot. One adult burial may include one infant burial.

  • Two cremations allowed per lot.

  • No pet burials allowed.

These are general guidelines. Riley Township cemeteries are property of the citizens of Riley and any matter not covered by these rules are subject to review by township representatives.

Cemetery Fees

  • Resident: $125/lot

  • Non-resident: $500/lot

Please contact Carol Stanley at 419-355-2948 to purchase a lot or for additional burial information.